Helping HOHP of Pinal County

The Veteran’s Club is partnering with the Encanterra Community Service League (ECSL) to help HOHP with a needed project.

When HOHP has a large meeting, like the upcoming Stand Down on November 13th from 7 am – 1 pm at the HOHP Transition Center in Coolidge, they must rent tables and chairs. Our goal is to present HOHP with 6 folding tables (5-6 foot) and 36 padded folding chairs.

Please visit Honor/Hiring/Helping Our Heroes of Pinal County website at to learn about their organization and current projects.

This time we can help directly - by donating below or by donating chairs and tables.

We’ll continue the HOHP project drive until October 1, 2021.

Contact me to arrange pick-up or a time to drop off any donation ( or 469-693-6720).