Community Supporting Veterans Signs were on Display on Veterans Day at Encanterra!!!!

The response to our inaugural "Community Supporting Veterans Signs" has been fantastic. 

We expanded display of the Community Supporting Veterans Signs to other days dedicated to honoring our Country and those who served. The Signs will be displayed in conjunction with our traditional "Flags in Encanterra" to include Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day and our Annual Charity Golf Event.

With an annual donation, your tribute to your family, a family member or friend who serves or served will be placed as a memorial and to demonstrate your support of the Veterans Club at Encanterra and our mission to help local veterans

Our "New Tradition" began with our very successful 2023 Charity Golf Event. The Tradition continues with an annual donation of $100. That donation includes your personalized sign and display the day of the event. At the end of each designated event, the Club will store your Community Supporting Veterans Sign for future display.

The Renewal of your donation will coincide with our Annual Charity Golf Event - "Driving 4 Vets".

The Community Supporting Veterans Sign is 18"x 24" and includes stand and placement. The Community Supporting Veterans  Sign is available to Residents and Non Residents of Encanterra.

 Please complete the following including the Name(s) as they should appear on the Sign. No Company or Service names can be placed sign.

Thank you for your Donation of $100 for your Community Sign in Memorial of your designated person. 

Finally, Scroll Down and click "Submit & Pay"  Button to purchase the Community Supporting Veterans Sign.