Red Shirt Friday is an acronym for REMEMBER EVERYONE DEPLOYED.

Red Shirt Friday is an informal and popular method for participants to say to those who serve or have served that we remember and  "Thank You".  For Veterans, it is a way to remember our buddies. We remember and honor.

The Veterans Club at Encanterra's Red Shirts are for All Residents of Encanterra. The Red Shirt is a great way to honor and remember a family member or friend who served.

For Veterans, when ordering, indicate your branch of service  (see below).

If you are ordering a shirt in recognition or memory of those who serve or have served, your shirt displays "Support our Troops".

For a Gold Star Family member  - those families who received a Gold Star designation from the Department of Defense to honor of the ultimate sacrifice of a parent, a son, a sibling or spouse, Your Shirt is a donation from the Club.

Our red Shirts come in a wide range of Men and Women sizes. They are quality embroideried Nike shirts. Great for every day wear.

To Order

  1. Select Size
  2. If you wish your shirt to indicate Your Branch of Service, select your "Branch of Service".  Cost of a "Branch of Service" shirt is $70 for distinctive additional embroidery.
  3.  If you wish a "Support our Troops' Red Shirt without a Branch of Service. "No branch of service". The cost is $60 per shirt.
  4. If you are a Gold Star Family Member, please indicate on the pulldown. In honor of the Gold Star and the sacrifice it represents, the shirt is at no cost.
  5. Click "Submit" the above information to order Your Red Shirt.
  6. Select the appropriate "Purchase Your Shirt" and click "Buy Now" to pay.

Your Red Shirt